Women’s Golf Club Fitting

Women’s golf club fitting has been ignored by the manufactures for a long time by not offering many options. In just the past few years this has started to change. Do not get me wrong. Against the offerings for men, the manufactures are still lagging with product Vclubshop for women’s golf club fitting. However, this should not discourage the ladies as a properly fitted set of clubs will help you shoot lower scores and have more fun.

“Why do I need to be fitted for my set of clubs?” is a question that I get quite often from ladies. All golfers come in various shapes and sizes. A properly executed club fitting will match your body type and swing to your golf equipment. Why is this important? A set of properly fitted golf clubs will make the game much easier as you will not have the need to manipulate the club as much during the golf swing.

“Why not buy a club or set of irons that are already in the golf shop?” is another question I hear quite often. Typically, local golf shops and golf clubs are only stocked with the manufactures standards. The two main reasons for this are the cost of carrying that many sets of irons/drivers from all manufacturers and the manufacturers have become very good at quickly filling orders. Most companies can fill a custom order in just three days. Golf sales reps have stated that these “standards” fit only ten percent of golfers. Most golfers purchasing a set of irons measure into an upright lie angle. In addition, most golfers are measured into a longer or shorter golf shaft than the standard offering.

While administering a club fitting a PGA Vclubshop Professional will determine the following: the correct club for you, your swing speed with different clubs, the correct length of golf club for you, the correct lie angle for your irons, your skill level or handicap, how often you get to play as well as the proper grip size for your golf clubs.

The process of a golf club fitting can vary in length depending on if you are being club fit for irons only, a driver or a complete set. As you will need to hit several golf balls during the fitting, I would not suggest being club fit when you are tired.

“How do I find a qualified golf club fitter?” Below are the questions that you would need to have answered to find a qualified club fitter that will get you into the proper set of golf clubs:

Does the PGA Professional have a fitting cart or multiple fitting carts with what you are looking for (steel, graphite, right-handed, left-handed clubs) available?

Is the PGA professional certified by a major manufacturer to fit their clubs and how many club fittings does the PGA Professional do in a year ?

Will I be fit outdoors to see the entire ball flight? This is a must. Do not be fit indoors Vclubshop on a launch monitor. The launch monitors are not always correct and nothing beats seeing the results with your own eyes.

What will the session cost and if I purchase the clubs from you, will the cost of the club fitting be put towards the purchase will that be put towards my purchase?

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