More than ever, children witness many, sometimes traumatizing,
news events on TV. That seems that thrashing crime and negative news is unabating.
Foreign wars, healthy disasters, terrorism, murders, incidents of child abuse,
and medical epidemics flood our newscasts daily. As well as typically the grim
wave of recent school shootings.

All of this particular intrudes on typically the innocent regarding kids. If, as researchers
say, kids are usually like sponges and absorb everything that will continues on around them,
how profoundly may watching TV media actually affect all of them? How careful do
parents need to be able to be in watching the flow involving news into the home, and precisely how can
they look for an approach functions?

To answer these kinds of questions, we switched to a section of seasoned anchors, Peter
Jennings, Nancy Shriver, Linda Ellerbee, and Jane Pauley–each having faced the particular
complexities of bringing up their own susceptible children in a new news-saturated

Photo this: 6: 30 p. m. Right after an exhausting time at work, Mom is occupied
producing dinner. She leisure areas her 9-year-old girl and 5-year-old child in front
with the TV.

“Play Nintendo until dinner’s ready, ” she teaches the little kinds, who,
instead, begin flipping channels.

Tom Brokaw on “NBC News Tonight, inches announces that the Atlanta gunman
offers killed his better half, daughter and boy, all three using a hammer, before proceeding in
a shooting rampage that finds nine dead.

About “World News Tonight, ” Peter Jennings reports that a jumbo jetliner together with
more than 3 hundred passengers crashed inside a spinning metal fireball at a Hong Kong

About CNN, you will find a report about the earthquake in Turkey, with 2, 000
men and women killed.

On the Discovery channel, there is a timely special on hurricanes in addition to the
terror they will create in youngsters. Hurricane Dennis has already struck, Floyd is definitely

Finally, these people see a community news report regarding a journey accident with a Fresh
Jersey enjoyment park that kills a mother and her eight-year-old little girl.

Nintendo was by no means this riveting.

magic mushroom spores uk ! ” shouts Mom, unaware that will her children may well be terrified
by simply this menacing potpourri of TV reports.

What’s wrong with this particular picture?

“There’s a LOT wrong with this, but it’s not necessarily that easily repairable, ” notes Bela
Ellerbee, the creator and host involving “Nick News, ” the award-winning media
program geared with regard to kids ages 8-13, airing on Nickelodeon.

“Watching blood and even gore on TELEVISION SET is not really good for kids and it also will not do
much to enhance the life of adults either, ” says the particular anchor, who aims to be able to
inform children about world events without terrorizing them. “We’re into
stretches kids’ brains and even annoying we didn’t cover, ” including
recent programs about euthanasia, the Kosovo crisis, prayer in schools, book-
banning, the death charges, and Sudan slaves.

But Ellerbee focuses on the necessity for parental guidance, protecting
children through unfounded fears. “During the Oklahoma City bombing, generally there were awful images of children being hurt in addition to killed, ” Ellerbee recalls. “Kids
needed to know if they were safe in their bed frames. In studies executed by
Nickelodeon, we found out that kids find the particular news the the majority of frightening thing
on TV.

“Whether it’s the Gulf War, typically the Clinton scandal, a new downed jetliner, or even what
happened within Littleton, you experience to reassure your children, over and over again,
maybe going to end up being OK–that the main reason this kind of story is reports is that THAT
RARELY HAPPENS. Reports could be the exception… nobody moves on the surroundings
happily and studies how many aeroplanes landed safely!

“My job is to place the information in to an age-appropriate circumstance and lower
stresses. Then it’s really up to the parents to screen what their kids view
and talk to them”

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