Sports fans all agree: the best way to get the most out of every season in every game is by having a satellite television connection at home. There are just too many great perks to having a satellite connection at home that simply cannot be had elsewhere, as with cable or another even lesser TV service. Satellite is without a doubt a leader when it comes to covering sporting events, and the most exclusive and lucrative contracts for game coverage have been granted to the nation’s leading satellite providers. It is in large part due to this fact, though also for a few other crucial reasons-as will be seen-that the most fanatic of the fanatics choose to satisfy their sport allegiances (whenever they can’t make it to the stadium, which is often for the average sport fan) with a satellite television connection at home. Here are, from this author’s point of view, the top five reasons why having a satellite connection is the end all and be all of sport fanaticism:

1) The most live game time is on satellite TV…cable doesn’t even come anywhere close. Cable companies are frequently making the choice between broadcasting live games or other programming content, more often than not coming down on the latter side of the issue. Not so with satellite, where this choice isn’t even an issue. Whether you’re trying to get live game time for the classic American sports like football, hockey, baseball, basketball, etc., or you’re a fan of overseas soccer league action, rugby, tennis, etc., satellite will give you more live thrills than you’ll be able to get elsewhere. 스포츠중계 

2) The best packages are on satellite. Case in point: the NFL Sunday Ticket, which has turned football fans’ lives into a living paradise. This incredible and highly exclusive package brings the most amount of games per week into your home, and from all over the country-not just from the surrounding area as is the case for most cable customers. Furthermore, there are awesome interactive features with this package that allow viewers to put up multiple games on the screen all at the same time, as if you were watching up to eight games in person!

3) Satellite television is the leader in HD programming, and this is often the case-fortunately-for sport programming. Why watch your favorite games in grainy image quality when you can see them in perfectly crystalline perfection, thanks to the high quality digital signal and the specific channels serving up strictly high def content. As a matter of fact, satellite television is way ahead of cable in terms of offering strictly high def channels, with over 130 compared to cable’s measly 70 or so.

4) With an HD DVR, you can get much more out of your games, whether live or recorded and on playback. With a DVR you can save up tons of hours of game time for you to check out at your leisure; furthermore, you can avoid the sport-lover’s dilemma of having to get up to answer the phone, answer the door, check on the food, etc., and miss out on game time by simply pausing your live game and resuming whenever your attention is back on the TV. No more missing the crucial play because your gaze was turned elsewhere!

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