The Ratio Takes By The LED Backlight Will Increase In LCD Panel

Two-thirds of the large-size LCD panel will use the LED backlight in 2011, and this ratio was still less than fifty percent in last year. The shipment of LED backlight large panel can be 495.6 sets in 2011, which increase by 74.9% than the last year. For the panels of laptop computer and netbook, the ratio takes by the LED backlight increases from ninety-one percent to one hundred percent. The shipment of large-size LCD panel will be 834.6 million sets in the year of 2014, and the annual growth rate will be 47.9%. LED backlight is the main element to drive the shipment of large-size panel, which becomes the area with the largest growing speed. With reduction of the cost, customers’ demand of LED backlight is become higher and higher. Most of them like to choose the products with clear picture, low power consumption and thinner shape.

Although the growth of the LED how to delete a mega account backlight products is robust, the panel market also has the worry of excessive supply which will make the price of panel reduce. According to the analysis of panel manufacturers’ production plan, their capacity may exceed the market demand in the first half of 2011. However, the capacity expansion will be less in the second half of this year. The LCD industry will be prosperous in 2011 if the panel suppliers can control the production.

Apart from the LED backlight, the 3D television is another transformation of the large LCD television. The performance of 3D television was not as good as the predication in 2010, because the cost of panel and television is so high. Many panel manufacturers release the 3D television with delay thin film techniques. This technology will make the cost low. Apart from the low price, the panel will be bright when it is using this new technology.

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