The HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator with RPN Inputs

The HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator is a bit different from the other calculators that are used for all your business and financial needs. The only reason that separates this calculator from the rest is its Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) input methods. In the RPN method you will first have to enter in the number values and then the operators. Lets take an example; for a simple calculation like 4*5-4 = 16, you will have to enter it as follows.

4 [enter] 5 * 4 –

The HP 12c Platinum financial calculator on sale here is a 25th anniversary, special collector’s edition and the calculator also comes along with a one year guarantee. This is an excellent piece that has had excellent reviews in the market and is considered to be a front runner in this market segments. Initially this was the most common type of calculator found especially among those in the real estate business, and hence most of them still rely on this calculator. You will still find the HP 12c Platinum on desks of those dealing in real estate.

This calculator is again helpful for those in the finance, economics, real estate and business calculations industry. With its 120 + functions that are integrated into the system you can easily perform compound and intricate mathematical calculations. This financial calculator has also been Open Calculator a pproved fro used in the CFA and CFP certification exams, and the GARP FRM Exam.

The HP 12c Platinum calculator has been tested over time, and many have stuck to it over the years. The calculator has an LCD display which is one line and the layout is easy to use as well. The keys on the pad are well spaced and hence saves you from the possibility of clicking on 2 or more buttons at the same time.  the entire piece itself is wide enough for  easy maneuvering of your fingers over the keypads.  The calculator is excellent for complex calculations like interest rate conversion, calculation of loan payments, EMI’s, TVM, IRR, NPV, standard deviations, cash flows, bonds and many more.

With an excellent memory storage capacity this financial calculator can hold upto 399 steps. You can also easily manage your time and date arithmetic on this. Some other performances that have been time tested are its time and date managements, customizing features, statistical / mathematical features and business / financial features. You can easily select any of the required business functions that are readily available at your finger tips. This financial calculator also has great statistics as well as math and business functions. Whats even interesting is that if they LCD display is at an angle you can still read the results accurately.

Some of the specifications include a battery life that will last you for atleast 2 years. The calculators statistical functions include linear regression, correlation coefficient, standard deviation, cumulative analysis, forecasting etc. while its mathematical functions that can be used are Square roots, % calculations, fractional and integer part etc.

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