Sony KDL32S5500 – The Affordable 32 Inch Sony

Buying a Sony TV has been a long time dream for some, most especially if it’s a Hi-Def LCD TV. Any living room or bachelor’s pad will almost instantaneously get a major facelift and upgrade. And for some this dream remains as such because most typically, sony 55x75k Sony commands the top price. This is but natural for a TV brand that has gained worldwide fame not only for its superb quality, but also for its technology-leading innovations that has paved the way for many other manufacturers.

Fortunately though, the Sony HD LCD TV dream is now easier to achieve, and this comes in the form of the Sony KDL32S5500. Part of the entry level line up that Sony introduced in 2009, this 32 inch wide screen TV is the answer to those who wants a Sony TV that are willing to pass by some of the higher end features that the top tier models have.

Lacking features that can make any self respecting techno geek weep, the Sony KDL32S5500 are for people who just wants a great looking TV that provides them a superb TV watching experience, and has a great reputation for being a product that is reliable, consistent, durable, and provides true value.

While the Sony KDL32S5500 may not take the blue ribbon for the best design, Sony has opted to stick with their traditional straight rectangular lines and stocky outline that evokes a look that states it’s old-fashioned. To some though, especially those who gives much value to their property, takes refuge in this design as it gives off a feel that it is durable, solid, and will last a long time.

One the biggest disappointments that the Sony KDL32S5500 came with is the fact that it wasn’t bequeathed with the much anticipated and improved Bravia Engine 3 processing system, but rather had the Bravia Engine 2 which was used on its previous models. While the previous processing engine provided great picture quality and performance, having the upgraded version would have been nice. Still, the Sony KDL32S5500 is very capable of producing HD quality images as there is compatibility with 1080p/24fp.

LCD TV experts have complained that the Sony KDL32S5500 was only given a 33000:1 contrast ratio, which is really way below the 100000:1 that the upper level models from Sony received. In fact, higher contrast ratio levels have been found in unknown and unheard cheap brand names. They say that low contrast ratio doesn’t provide the deepest blacks and appears some shades lighter compared to other high end LCD TVS. For those that are looking for a low budget no frills Sony LCD TV, this is a very minor concern as it is barely noticeable, and it is mostly TV experts that can perceive this. While the blacks may not be at par with higher end LCD sets, they are decently above average and follows form.

Comparing the Sony KDL32S5500 to its bigger brethren is highly prejudicial. There is a reason why this Sony TV is priced much lower and you can’t expect the quality to be the same. And although we may say that the performance quality is lower with this Sony TV, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver on the Sony quality. The Sony KDL32S5500 is an excellent performing HD LCD TV considering that it’s a base level, higher end Sony LCD TV models may provide better quality, but there is a premium to be paid for such higher excellence, a premium many can do without.


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