No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, the lottery is a random game of chance. But, are you aware of what it really means? For example, does it mean that everyone has the same chance of winning the lottery jackpot? Or, does it mean that there is no point in wasting your time or money on the lottery? Let’s investigate the meaning of the phrase more closely to see if we can reduce any ambiguity.

First, if a game is a ‘game of chance’, that means the laws of probability are involved. World wide, people play games like this every day. Professional gamblers do too, and are quite good at it. They are successful because they thoroughly understand the game and are experts at applying the laws of probability.

There are some who believe that the phrase ‘game of chance’ is simply code for ‘you’re going to lose’. But, professional gamblers know the truth. It really means opportunity. This is true for all games of chance, from Blackjack to Craps to Horse Racing and including the Lottery. Yes, you can increase your chances of winning the lottery jackpot. But, wait a minute. If that is true, how could the lottery be random? Hmm?

What Does Random Mean to You?

After 20 years of doing this, it can get a little frustrating. But, it is my own fault. Trying to educate people about the true meaning of the word ‘Random’ has been a daunting task. The problem is complicated by the fact that on the one hand, there are people throwing around the word ‘Random’ as if they actually knew what it meant. And, on the other hand, there are people listening to the word believing that they understand what it means. Neither group has it right. Words can be such a pain;)

As a result, my true feelings about the word are best summed up by a quote from Shakespeare’s cousin Vinny when he said, ‘that which we call Random, by any other name would still smell.’ Right on, Vinny.

But, for the umpteenth time, I’m going to try to data hk  bring some clarity to the debate. The definition of the word random is, ‘a process of selection in which each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen.’ Here is a great definition of something that can never be realized in the real world! There’s a good explanation for that. Random is a theoretical concept bandied about in the mathematical ivory towers of academia that is being passed off as if it actually existed in reality. When, in fact, it is a charlatan. The word ‘Random’ is an ideal masquerading as reality.

The Lottery and Reality

If this definition could actually be implemented in the real world then:

* If you play Blackjack, it would be impossible for you to increase your chances of winning by card counting.

* If you play Poker, it would be impossible for you to decide how much to bet.

* If you play the Stock Market, it would be impossible for you to make any money.

It is pretty obvious that these conjectures are false.

You see, the word ‘Random’ is out of place in the real world because it is strictly a theoretical mathematical tool. It finds itself being very uncomfortable like an awkward teenager in a social setting. It is neither realized nor achieved in any game, on Earth, in our Solar System, in our Galaxy nor in the Universe because it is only at home in the theoretical world where it was born.


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