How Safe Is your Child From Bullying?

It seems that bullying is on the increase, and more and more the question is being asked, how safe is your child from bullying? The purpose of this article is to examine the circumstances under which bullying can occur and how your child can be empowered to prevent it.

We will start by looking at a case study of how a nine year girl prevented a bullying incident in the school playground. The case study begins with the implementatio 메이저놀이터 n of a training program for teachers aimed at maximizing student potential by working with concepts from brain science. Part of the training program included a short 7 minute video on how the brain works.

One of the teachers enrolled in the training program major role was teaching primary school students with an IQ of 50-75. Earlier in the day she had shown the students the video of how the brain works. In the video it discusses that the brain has over 100 billion brain cells and if each brain cell (neuron) equaled 1 second then this would amount to 3171 years. Added to this brain cells have the capacity to form for trillions of connections with each other. To give you an idea of how vast this is, if every connection equaled one grain of sand, then that would add up to more than all the grains of sand in all the beaches in the entire world. This massive amount of brain cells and corresponding connections show how powerful the brain is and how it gives everyone the opportunity to achieve extraordinary things.

In the ensuing discussion after the video it was reinforced with the children that they had at their disposal an amazing amount of brain power. They were also told that no one was any smarter or clever than anyone else, because everyone has equal access to this massive amount of brain cells.

Due to the fact that these students were part of a mainstream school often during lunch sessions there would be playground incidents, with mainstream students calling the lower IQ students dumb and stupid. As it so happened on this particular day after watching the video one of the students of the lower IQ class, a nine year girl was referred to as dumb and stupid by a mainstream young boy. Instead of a playground incident occurring the young girl looked the boy squarely in the eye and said ‘I can’t be dumb or stupid because I have an intelligent brain’ and then turned on her heel and walked off.

When she returned to the classroom she told the teacher what had happened. Later in the day the teacher ran into the young boy responsible for calling the young girl dumb and stupid. Before the teacher could say anything the young boy blurted out ‘eh sorry, sorry miss I didn’t realise she had an intelligent brain’.

Now what does this tell us about self-esteem and bullying? The young boy didn’t pursue the taunting because the young girl replied with such conviction that he believed her. Think about it, when you are around confident people how to you interact with them as opposed to people who are not confident. Who are the ones later in life who attract abusive relationships? Usually those people who do not feel confident enough to stand up for themselves in an assertive way.

So what are some of the ways that you can build self-worth in your child? Brain science tells us that between the ages of 0-6 the brain is in a fully hypnotic state and between 6-12 years a semi hypnotic state. This means that your child will literally take on most of what they see, hear and interact with during the first 12 years. Knowing this you can start finding ways to program your child’s thinking to believe in themselves. One way to do this is, every evening before your child goes to bed get them to think of 5 things they did well that day and 2 things they could do differently tomorrow. Then just before they fall asleep get them to imagine themselves the next day being extremely happy and successful. By making this a regular routine you will notice a huge shift in your child’s thinking and belief in themselves.

Belief makes all the difference. Interestingly enough the group of students with the lower IQ went on to outperform mainstream students in basic maths and spelling and one even became vice captain of the school. Such is the strength of high self-belief to empower your child’s thinking so that they can keep themselves safe from bullying.

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