Four Amazing Facebook Tips

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Facebook recently. Especially due to the fact that my friend page has been BLOWING up. (Are we friends on FB? Because if we aren’t… well we must not be that close of friends!)

Facebook, by FAR, is the most powerful social networking site as of late. So many great features… heck even my GRANDPA is on it. I’m going to give you some tips today that I hope will turn you into a mingling, marketing master!

Tip #1: Update Regularly, Notice at the top of your Facebook profile and Newsfeed it says “What’s On Your Mind?” – It’s a great spot to update your friends and colleagues on what you’re thinking or doing. Refrain from the urge to sharing your hot new MLM or affiliate link too much. It’ll appear SPAMMY and people will de-friend you. Amazing Posting

This also isn’t a place for a spastic, negative rant. Sure, we all have feelings and often get down right pissed off. FB isn’t the place for curse words and most people will be pretty offended and turned off if you bad mouth another person or leader. Be real, but be positive as much as possible.

Tip #2: Share Outside Content, Have a blog or a YouTube Channel? Periodically share your newest post or upload. It’s a great, easy way to cross link social media sites and gain additional viewership. If you’re sharing other people’s content, give them a shout-out by typing (@Firstname Lastname) and it’ll share your post/shout-out on their wall as well. I have a network of people I’m constantly promoting, plus it opens up my FB page to their friends to see. (: Crafty crafty…

Tip #3: Add Videos & Photos But here is the trick. Add them on a regular basis. People LOVE snooping in on other peoples lives. (Which social media is so dang popular in the first place) So whether it’s your most recent trip or some photos around the house. Upload on a regular basis. This will also keep you on your friends Newsfeeds quite often. It’s always about consistent predictable content.

Videos add such a great touch even if it’s some funny one of your dogs, or a nice little shout out on a special Holiday.


Do not make a general FB
video and tag everyone.
Nobody cares. I repeat,
nobody cares.

Tip #4: Dress It Up, Your Profile has some great sections that really allows your friends and seekers to get a glimpse of WHO YOU ARE.

Take a few moments and fill out your bio, your current city, employment, fave quotes, books and movies.

Humans are naturally attracted to things of similarity. Be you, but share what you’re all about. Make sure you’re website is always on your FB page and always working correctly. Nobody likes a broken link!

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