You have had the chance to meet a lot of guys but it so call girls in islamabad happens that somehow the guys never call you, what could be the possible reason? Just read this article and you will surely know a few reasons for not being called by the ideal guys.

Girls expect guys who take their number to call them back while guys on the other hand take it very lightly that they should call. In this laziness many days pass by and eventually they lose the number or forget the idea of calling you.

Besides laziness there is egoism too, you could be his ego target. He would have seen you somewhere and simply for his satisfaction he took your number and never had any plan to call you.

Being accepted by a girl and having a positive reaction eventually led the guy to ask for your number and of course he gets satisfaction out of it.

You may be that lucky girl to get over a guy who just wanted to have a fling or sex with you and later he wouldn’t have called, maybe because he thought you may not have been the right girl for him.

Some girls just wonder and even feel sad over the idea that a guy got their number and didn’t call back. So keep this in mind; if the guy wanted to genuinely get involved with you, he would call you for sure.

Sometimes guys think that if the girl is interested in him, she would be the one who would call him. However, as a girl you may be expecting the first call from him. Forget the rules and call him first if you like him.

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to wait for a guy hoping that he would call, forget the loser. Make it known that somewhere out there is a guy who can’t wait to pick up his phone and dial your number.


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