Dried Fruit As a Junk Food Alternative?

Do you not sometimes crave sugary foods? I know I do! It is difficult to lose or maintain weight when you have a sweet tooth. cbd gummies Canada Did you know that dried fruit can make an excellent sweet snack alternative, while providing nutrition and fiber?

Do not get too excited. It will never be as healthy as its fresh fruit counterpart. When a fruit is dried it loses its water content, in addition to nutrients that come with fresh fruit, such as flavonoids, an antioxidant.

The other drawback is the concentrated sugar content. During production sugar is added to heighten sweetness, on top of the already sugary nature of fruit. Due to this high concentration of sugar, dried fruit should always be eaten in moderation, as a small snack.

If and when at all possible, opt for organic that is sulphate free, as a way to reduce the preservatives you consume.

However, dried fruits make a healthy alternative to other sweet snack food such a chocolate, gummy candy, and donuts, because they are still fruits, and contain vitamins and nutrients. I find they are just as satisfying, if not more. cbd gummies Canada

One of the good things about dried fruit, is that is has a long shelf life, for up to a year. There is also no shortage of variety. Some examples of dried fruit can include: Raisins, cherries, cranberries, strawberries, mango slices, apples, and ginger.

Try it on its own, sprinkled on cereal, in trail mix, or find recipes that compliment their sweet taste. Raisins for example, taste great in many dishes and are amazing with fresh apples.

Dried fruit once in a while will keep your sweet tooth under control. So enjoy the unique, chewy goodness of nature’s very own candy.

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Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

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