I have viewed football all my life and would probably say I possess an unhealthy obsession using the game in addition to like all enthusiasts I possess my own ideas showing how to improve it. My main bugbear though will be the linesman/referees associate.

Inside the top air travel in countries like England, Italy in addition to Spain where money is available for that why do we all just have two linesmen? Surely it tends to make sense to have four? Then they will can make much better judgements on calls on whether the particular ball crossed the line delete word. In addition it should raise the likelihood of the attacker getting typically the benefit of typically the doubt in offside calls if gamers are only provided offside when equally linesmen raise their very own flags.

But the particular main reason I use for pushing intended for four linesmen happens because a referee demands their help. The particular four linesman may then pick upwards on shirt drawing, elbows and other goings on which goes upon out of look at of the referee.

What annoys me personally probably the most is the blatant body checks and even shirt pulls of which go on out associated with view in the referee to stop a player making a go in behind a defender. I do get sick in the media telling me personally that seeing gamers sent off ruins the game whenever to my mind precisely what spoils the game are the cynical so-called ‘clever’ fouls that quit an attacker throughout full flow intended for very little treatment.

Plus I consider that if participants got harsher treatment for those form of fouls they will would be some sort of lot less likely to commit these people in the very first place. I do not necessarily believe they can guide to more reservations and red credit cards overall, just a lowering of negative fouls.

After just about all they said the particular outlawing of the particular tackle from driving would lead to most games ending with a minumum of one person being sent off of but as we have seen all of which has happened will be that the players have altered their particular game to compensate for your rule alterations.

Another thing, is that a linesman will then often be on the proper side of typically the pitch – in contrast to now where players can get away from with taking 4 corners out of the particular quadrant etc due to the fact the linesman is on the other side of the pitch.

Apart through little modifications such as this though I feel football has no need to alter. Certainly I would likely hate to find the referee losing the strength they currently has since while it may well reduce the potential for corruption this would also shed the talking factors that the ref provides by generating human errors.

Lets face it many of us all would like to talk about the referee not giving or giving an important penalty, missing the foul etc which often gives us the easy excuse for the team losing rather than admitting it had not been good enough to beat the opposition.

After all who does not really believe that their very own team is the greatest team there is? ประวัตินักเตะ about all know that at every level, the particular fans chant that will their team is the greatest the world provides seen even even though we know it’s not true, we nonetheless believe it.

With that in mind it would end up being an improvement when the match officials, a representative of the two clubs that have just played, and an independent public all sat along after a match and went by way of the match video clip checking their decisions. The club officers could then issue decisions that the night clubs disagreed with plus retrospective punishments or even reprieves could be presented with out by the match referee.

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