Amazing and Affordable Hunter Valley Winery Tours

For all wine lovers, the Hunter Valley winery region is a paradise. Located in New South Wales (2 hours from north of Sydney, Hunter winery tour is a thriving destination in Australia. It has lots of shops, restaurants, gardens, cheese makers, art galleries, and old and new wineries.

Over the years, Hunter Valley has not only grown culturally, but economically. More and more residential areas are built in this region in order to accommodate people coming here to change their environment and for employment. Hunter winery tour is a demanded area for residential purposes because of its affordable real estate and friendly atmosphere that attracts people.

Upper Regions and Lower Regions

Hunter Valley is further divided into 2 areas – Lower and Upper Hunter. The lower region is where wine tours Hunter Valley first began. This place is home to open wineries, thus you can find many restaurants, accommodations, and cellar doors here. Also, Lower Hunter is a famous location for its lush and magnificent Hunter Valley gardens.

As far as Upper Hunter is concerned, it is a popular place for its horse studs and historic homes. In this region, you can find the largest breeding grounds. Even Upper Hunter possesses some amazing wineries. Upper Hunter also holds the Rosemount Estate winery, which is one of the major wineries in Australia.

Hunter winery tours are the most fantastic experience you can enjoy in Sydney.

Tourist Spot

Despite of wine tours, Valley tour is among the top six tourists sports that are most visited in Australia. Approximately2.5 million people visit Valley to witness its attractions. Along with its remarkable wineries, this place boasts country houses and golf courses too.

Wine Tours

Wine tours are imperative when you visit Valley. Your Hunter Valley tour will not be complete without wine tours. In Hunter Valley, you will be provided free maps to guide you with the directions of the cellar doors. You can make your own route to reach a specific winery or you can just randomly move from one winery to another. It does not require a lot of money to take wine tours.


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